Lory Genealogy
November 2015 Edition
Paul Penfield, Jr.
This genealogy presents relatives of Barbara B. Penfield (formerly Barbara B. Lory, née Barbara Jean Buehrig). It includes the Buehrigs and Horstmans, descendants of her grandparents Charles Georg Hein Buehrig (1857-1940), Christina Kemmler (1858-1928), George Horstman (1854-ca 1913), and Franziska Hartman (1858-1940).

Ancestors and relatives of Barbara’s first husband, Charles Bradford Lory, are also presented. One of his ancestors was the mother of Ontario pioneer William Watson (1852-1938) who built the Watson Homestead, enjoyed by the family to this day.

The genealogy also includes ancestors and collateral lines of three spouses of Barbara’s children, Joan Elaine Jouriles, Eric Lauris Topp, and Andrew James Faulds.

The genealogy of Barbara’s second husband, Paul Livingstone Penfield, Jr. is not included; it is available in the Penfield Family Genealogy.

Of particular interest are the Lory ancestors who immigrated from Switzerland. A family story told of Charles Bradford Lory’s great-grandfather, Christian, coming to America as a small child with a brother, perhaps his twin, and a single mother. Research has shown this story to be partly true. There was a man named John (or Hans) Lory who died in Switzerland in 1849, shortly before the birth of his third son Christian. These three boys came to America in 1852, presumably accompanied by their mother Elizabeth (Halderman) Lory, who remarried that year in Switzerland to Frederick Schupbach. Frederick immigrated in either 1852 or 1853. They settled in Lee, OH and within ten years there was one more son and three daughters (all half-siblings of Christian). Elizabeth died in 1873 in a freak accident involving a runaway horse. It wasn’t long before Frederick married Elizabeth Grimm and the family grew with five more children (who were step-siblings of Christian, not half-siblings).

Frederick and Elizabeth moved from Ohio to Iowa shortly before 1890 and stayed there until their deaths (Frederick in 1915 and Elizabeth in 1922).

The three Lory boys who immigrated from Switzerland were John (1842-1925), Frederick (1848-1914), and Christian (1850-1922). They kept their original surname (though John and his children adopted the spelling Lohry). They all moved to Elk, WV in the 1870s. Fred and his family remained there, but before long the other two moved to Colorado, John with his new wife and daughter in 1885 and Christian with his wife and six children shortly thereafter.

Christian’s first child, Charles Alfred Lory (1872-1969), was born in Sardis, OH, but lived most of his life in Colorado, serving between 1909 and 1938 as a much beloved president of what is today Colorado State University in Fort Collins. His son, Marion Richards Lory (1905-1970), was an electrical engineer who designed motors and generators at Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA. Then his son, Charles Bradford Lory (1934-2009), was Christian’s great-grandson, consistent with the family story.
This Web genealogy contains 711 family pages, 464 showing a couple and 247 a single person (141 male and 106 female).

These 711 family pages arrange 1114 different people (573 male and 541 female) into their genealogical relationships, and mention, without details, other parents or children. Of these 1114 people 391 are believed to be living so information about them is withheld to protect their privacy.

These 1114 people include 247 with no spouse, 816 with one spouse, and some with more spouses: 46 with 2; 4 with 3; and 1 with 4.
In this genealogy 8 family Branches (sometimes called Lines or Pedigrees) are defined. Each branch is one person (the Hub) together with his or her Ancestors, or Descendants, or both. Members of a branch (and optionally their spouses) are labeled to show which branch(es) they are in and their relationship to the Hub. This provides visitors a useful aid to navigation.

Branch Hub Ancestors Descendants
Buehrigs Charles Georg Hein Buehrig 1
1 Generation
5 Generations
Horstmans George Horstman 8
3 Generations
5 Generations
Lory Roots Charles Bradford Lory 157
21 Generations
Watson Homestead Mary Watson   53
7 Generations
Lory Immigrants John Lory   143
7 Generations
Jouriles Roots (Living, Female) 10
3 Generations
Topp Roots (Living, Male) 58
10 Generations
Faulds Roots (Living, Male) 14
3 Generations